Game Stopped

The amount of time and money spent within the walls of GameStop has declined with each passing year. It’s so easy and often less expensive to download the digital copy of a desired video game; downloading has become the norm, not the exception. On the rare occasion a trip to GameStop happens, well it did.

In a desperate attempt GameStop has announced that the store will be open on Thanksgiving. The company said three years ago that they would be closed on Thanksgiving out of respect for their employees. Well… I guess the respect has evaporated.

Say goodbye GameStop. Another retail outlet struggling to survive in the digital age is treating it’s employees like unvalued equipment. Shouldn’t be more than a year until we hear about GameStop being devalued and picked clean by vultures.

All hail the vultures.

Saw the story on Kotaku Kotaku is one of the very best, do yourself a favor and Kotaku today.


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